Flying Banner

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Extraordinary stylish shape. Made of anodized aluminum with elongated fiberglass. Suitable for installation in front of the store, or in it. – during promotions, or attracting attention to a specific products. Clear vision with or without wind. Подходящ монтаж с метална база при водна тежест. Dedicated for mounting with metal or water base.


Flying Banner is available in the following sizes:

Flying Banner S – 1.65 x 0.80 m
Flying Banner M – 2.10 x 1.05 m
Flying Banner L – 2.80 x 1.20 m
Flying Banner XL – 3.65 x 1.55 m
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  • Eye-catching, light, easy to use – our flagpoles are inexpesive solution for outdoor advertisement, and sometimed for indoor usage. Equipped with variaty of accesories, can be installed on different ground bases. Produced in Bulgaria, sent to any part of the world.